Nighthawk 72 Marana detachment 1344
marine corps league

Are you a Marine or FMF Corpsman? We Want YOU!

We are looking for former and current Marines and
FMF Corpsman to join our ranks.

 If you are a Marine and possess a DD-214, or a Corpsman who served with an FMF unit for more than 90 days you are eligible to join.

If you have not served as a Marine or Corpsman and wish to join us
as an Associate Member, please do.
Our Associate Members are spouses and relatives of Marines

Join us at our regular monthly meetings
to become a member of the Nighthawk 72 Detachment

Monthly Meeting:
Third Thursday Monthly
7 pm
Taste of Texas
(Corner of Thornydale & Cortaro Farms)
8310 North Thornydale RoadTucson, AZ 85741
(520) 572-5968
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